How To Get MSP Clients: Tactics For Nurturing Leads And Closing MSP Sales

Is your business one of the many MSPs struggling to generate leads and close deals? Most IT service providers are stuck in a rut of mediocrity, failing to reach World Class MSP status. With such a saturated market, it’s easy to fall into this category.

Increasing your MSP sales isn’t impossible, or even hard to do. You just need to focus your efforts on the leads with the highest potential of providing revenue.

Learn why it’s important for you to refocus your MSP sales efforts, and explore the three types of leads you should be investing your time in.

Focus On The Right Leads

Many MSPs cast a wide sales net, instead of focusing their efforts on the leads with the greatest potential. While it’s true that every possible client is important, you have limited time and resources, which shouldn’t be wasted on prospects that aren’t likely to close right now.

Instead, a more effective strategy is to focus on the leads that are most likely to sign with your MSP soon. With a little prioritization of your potential MSP clients, you can increase your close rate and generate more monthly recurring revenue. Evaluate your leads and split them up into the following categories:

Returning LeadsThese are prospects you’ve talked to before. They’ve already expressed interest, but for whatever reason, they weren’t ready to commit to a contract with your MSP at that time. Now they’re back and interested in your IT services again. Focus the majority of your lead nurturing efforts on clients like these, since they have the greatest likelihood of signing an agreement that will lead to monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

Warm Leads – Warm leads, which are often referrals from other clients, have reached out to express interest in partnering with your MSP. It’s likely they will move forward with your services, but you’re still in the early stages of the lead nurturing process with them. Prioritize them after your returning leads, but make sure you don’t neglect them!

Cold Leads – Generated from cold calls or website contacts, cold MSP leads are probably still researching their IT service provider options. They may sign with you eventually, but they’re probably not ready to commit anytime soon. Stay in contact with these future MSP clients as they continue their journey to find the right IT service provider for their company.

To maximize the return on your investment in lead nurturing, make sure you’re putting your efforts in the right place. By focusing on returning leads, you’ll shorten your MSP sales cycle, increase your close rate and generate more monthly recurring revenue.

MSP Sales Mistakes

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