Bringing in Business: MSP Sales Secrets for Generating More Leads

Are you failing to meet your MSP sales goals month after month? Most MSPs spend the entire life cycle of their business barely scraping by, while World Class MSPs are able to charge more for their services and generate more revenue.

If you identify with the average MSPs, it’s time to reevaluate your sales process. Discover why it’s difficult for MSPs to close deals, and learn how to refocus your efforts for improved lead nurturing.

Why Bringing In Business Is Hard

In the eyes of the customer, all MSP sales offerings are basically alike. While you know that’s not true, most MSPs offer essentially the same services and products, including:

  • Centralized services (automation and cloud services)
  • Reactive support
  • Technology consulting (vCIO)
  • Professional services

That’s why you need to learn to talk about your business in a different way. Your MSP Super Power is one way to differentiate your business from the rest of the MSP pack. Find your Super Power, the offering or aspect of your MSP that no one else brings to the table. When you emphasize your Super Power, your offering becomes the most memorable and most appealing to leads.

The hardest question you’ll have to answer in your MSP sales processis: “Why should I spend more?” Your leads probably view the IT service provider they currently work with as “fine,” so they’re hesitant to spend more money. That’s why you need to focus your message not around the technology you offer, but the superior, proactive service they’ll receive and the added benefit of your Super Power.

How To Focus On The Right Leads

For many MSPs, generating more monthly recurring revenue is hard because they’re not focused on the right leads. It doesn’t matter if you talk to five prospects or 20 in a week, if you’re not talking to the right ones in the right way.

Because you don’t have unlimited sales resources or time to focus on MSP lead generation, it helps to prioritize your efforts by breaking your leads down into three classifications: returning, warm and cold.

  • Returning leads. This is where most of your MSP sales efforts should go, because these leads are the most likely to sign deals. These are the leads you’ve talked to in the past and have determined to be a good fit for your business. But the last time you talked, they weren’t quite ready to sign on the dotted line. Don’t give up on them! They’re your best bet for new business.
  • Warm leads. These leads, which may have come from referrals, have already shown interest in your business. They probably have a pressing need and are ready to partner with a new MSP. While they may not be ready to sign today, with the right nurturing strategy and messaging around your IT service offering, they’ll be ready to move forward with your MSP soon.
  • Cold leads. These leads, generated from cold calls and website visits, are usually still in the research phase of the sales cycle. They’re looking at a number of potential IT service providers, but they haven’t narrowed down their search yet. Provide them with compelling information about your business and stay connected with them. But focus more effort on the returning and warm leads.

Refocusing your sales efforts onto the right category of leads has the potential to transform your business. Bringing in business for your MSP isn’t difficult. You just need the right MSP sales strategy to back up your efforts.

MSP Sales Mistakes

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