Business Person First, Technology Company Second

We are at an historic point in the MSP and SMB landscape. There’s never been more opportunity or risk. I’ve had a consistent message this year: You need to be a professional businessperson as an MSP in order to capitalize on market opportunities that we are now presented with.

As we watch MSP leaders mature their command, business planning and leadership abilities, the results are coming in big waves. Many had their best trailing 12 months in terms of revenue and profits.

The pandemic and cybersecurity landscape overlay the SMB digital transformation. You need to be a business person first and a technology company second.

For example, MSPs are trying to solve their security issues with tools and security knowledge, when at their core, most have a business model issue.

Solving this problem is as simple as setting time aside every week, every month, and every quarter to work on your business. Scheduling this time in your calendar to keep yourself accountable is key. Use this time to evaluate where your business stands today. Ask, “What is my business lacking?”

For instance, do you have a business plan? If you don’t have one, set aside time to create oneWhat about a mission statement, core principles or a vision? What are your targets throughout the year and the next several years? What about a quarterly action plan? Is one in place or are you just winging it?

Even though you’d like it to be, technology isn’t always the solution to the problems you’re having. (In fact, it’s typically not.) By being a businessperson first and a technology company second, you allow yourself to think about problems with your business differently — and that’s for the better.

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