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3 Tips for vCIOs to Create Strategic Business Initiatives

When creating strategic initiatives in the myITprocess Strategic Roadmap, it is common to get pulled in the direction of creating initiatives that reference technology versus plugging into clients’ business initiatives. Recommendations can and should be a blend of business and technology suggestions, but should always reference a business case as to why the recommendation should be accepted.

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| Author Bill Taylor, Member Success Team Lead, tagged in vCIO, technology success, strategic relationships, MSP success

Thinking About Switching Verticals? It May Be Time!

While there’s much debate over how many verticals an MSP should specialize in, the general consensus among IT professionals seems to be that specializing in one or more verticals is typically a good business decision for MSPs. But for how long should an MSP specialize in a vertical market? And what are the signs that point to the need for an MSP to reevaluate the verticals it’s conducting business in? Those are the questions that are typically left answered.

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| Author Gary Pica, tagged in MRR, MSP sales tips, MSP success

Hackers Up the Ante on Ransomware

Earlier this month, international consulting firm Accenture became the latest target in a string of high-profile ransomware attacks when the LockBit group claimed to have breached the company’s servers and threatened to release its data.

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| Author Olesia Klevchuk, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Barracuda, tagged in ransomware, MSP security, cybersecurity

Have You Maintained the Essence of TAM Throughout the Pandemic?

In any business model, each role needs to do their job to the best of their ability; this has remained a principle of business since the beginning of capitalism.  But how have things changed for everyone throughout the course of the pandemic?  The Technology Alignment (TAM) role in particular could be seen as the role that changed the most in our MSP model, but the core of it remains the same.

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| Author TruMethods Member Success Advisor, Heather Caporaso, tagged in vCIO, technology success, MSP software tools, COVID-19

A Metaphor for Continuous Improvement in Technology Alignment & vCIO

How did a parking lot remind me of your Technology Success practice?

Although some people have returned to the office at this point in the pandemic, there are still many people working from home. Of the companies that are still working from home, their office parking lots have not seen nearly the amount of activity that they once did. At one point after TruMethods went to work from home, I drove past an office parking lot in town and noticed mother nature was taking over.

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| Author Bill Taylor, Member Success Team Lead, tagged in IT service provider, vCIO, technology success, COVID-19

Demonstrating Value to MSP Clients in a Deliberate and Meaningful Way

Have you recently taken a step back to ask yourself: “What am I doing to deliberately demonstrate the value that I work so hard to deliver to customers?" In the MSP world, “we don’t hear from them much” is simply not an acceptable way to explain an overall client relationship. 

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| Author Bill Taylor, Member Success Team Lead, tagged in IT process, vCIO, Customer Service, technology success

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