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What is the Difference Between Alignment and Documentation?

To some, it can be difficult to differentiate between aligning clients with standards and best practices and documenting client environments. MSPs should consider both of these areas significantly important, but understand the difference between the two. To put it simply… Documentation is how things are right now & Alignment...

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Ready for 2021’s Selling Season? It’s Go Time!

If you’re a TruMethods veteran, you were probably expecting this blog post any day now, but if you’re new to the TruMethods framework, this year may be your first selling season. Either way, selling season is underway, and it’s time for you to add new monthly recurring revenue (MRR) at the right price. “Selling season” is the timeframe between this week and the end...

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3 Tips for vCIOs to Create Strategic Business Initiatives

When creatingstrategic initiatives in the myITprocess Strategic Roadmap, it is common to get pulled in the direction of creatinginitiativesthat reference technology versus plugging into clients’ business initiatives.Recommendationscan and should be a blend of business and technology suggestions, but should always reference a business case as to why the recommendation...

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Have You Maintained the Essence of TAM Throughout the Pandemic?

In any business model, each role needs to do their job to the best of their ability; this has remained a principle of business since the beginning of capitalism.  But how have things changed for everyone throughout the course of the pandemic?  The Technology Alignment (TAM) role in particular...

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TruMethods Member Q&A: Rethinking the MSP Business Model with TruPeer & myITprocess

When something’s not working, it’s time to reevaluate what you’re doing. There’s bravery in asking for help. And after you do, you’re oftentimes rewarded.  “I went to all of Gary’s breakout sessions at DattoCon 2019,” said Jimmy Huber, president and founder of InfoTech. “His message really resonated with me and made...

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