Stay Ahead in 2024: Top 4 TruMethods Cybersecurity Blog Posts to Read

As we enter 2024, cybersecurity continues to be a significant issue for MSPs and their customers. Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of IT threats is crucial in distinguishing yourself from competitors. Without a well-defined strategy, a solid security platform, and an adaptive mindset for the upcoming year, there’s a heightened risk of leaving your customers vulnerable to cybersecurity incidents.

Need help figuring out how to kick off the year effectively? Explore the four carefully curated blog posts from TruMethods below, each designed to transform your approach to cybersecurity.

These resources will provide strategies to better protect your customers in 2024.

Two Questions to Gauge Security Posture

In this blog, I provide a no-cost security assessment using only two key questions. The first is about your average seat price. The second focuses on whether your service delivery team includes at least one member dedicated exclusively to proactive tasks without engaging in billing for professional services or addressing support tickets. These two queries allow me to gauge your security readiness effectively. Interestingly, my assessment doesn’t delve into certifications, tools, or specific services — an intentional and strategic choice.

Embracing A Secure Future Starts With You

Daily interactions with MSPs give me a window into their customers’ hesitations about investing in security. Common remarks I encounter include, “My customers don’t understand the crucial need for security,” or, “My customers think they don’t have anything attractive to cybercriminals.” However, a compelling point to consider is that your customers hold something precious to these cyber criminals — money.

Making Security Pay

Service providers frequently face financial difficulties, even amidst business growth, due to the complexities in attaining and sustaining profitability. To counter this, many MSPs have succeeded by incorporating security services into their portfolio. Nonetheless, the varying security requirements across different customer accounts, some more intricate than others, can add to the complexity. This variability often impacts the ability to effectively manage and maintain profitability.

Right of Boom: Key Takeaways for MSPs

In February, I had the opportunity to participate in the Right of Boom conference, an event focused on cybersecurity for MSPs. A significant number of attendees came from the Weekly CyberCall community. My involvement included delivering closing remarks and moderating a panel discussion on packaging, pricing, and security go-to-market strategies. Reflecting on my experience, I share some insights in this blog. 

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