What If I Gave You A Clean Sheet of Paper?

If you could start your business from scratch today, what would you do differently? 

You wouldn’t have to bring old ideas, perspectives, customers, packaging and pricing revenue, team members and processes with you.

If I gave you a clean sheet of paper, would your service offering look the same? If not, what would it look like? What tools would be in your stack? What skillsets would you hire for? Would you be thinking about the needs of your customers? 

Would you have a PSA? Would you start with RMM? Would you think about security differently? 

Here’s a great question:Would your definition of a good customer change? 

Think about the needs of small and mediumsized businesses (what they are today and where they’re headed) Their dependency on technology is increasing. For example, their line of business apps are moving to the cloud. Their teams are more virtual. 

A lot of what we have built our businesses to deliver is going away or changing. Also, 2020 taught us that business needs are changing quickly. It’s time to look forward. 

What are the pillars of your value proposition that are diminishing? Are there new areas or skillsets that could add value? What did we learn about how to run our businesses during the pandemic? Are you thinking differently about leveragandgeography? Where customers and employees areWhat about sales and marketing? Do the changes we have mentioned impact how you need to reach prospects and what message you need to deliver?

Consider this: How will collaboration, security, mobility, BI and AI create new opportunities? Who on your team would you hire back enthusiastically? How would you design your role in the business differently?

Now, I know that I’ve asked a lot of questionsWhile you don’t have to answer them alla few should have crossed your mind.

I think this is a great thought experiment for you and your team to go through, and it’s a great time to do it.

So, as 2021 continues onthink about this: What would you do if I handed you a clean sheet of paper?

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