Never Be Afraid to Fail

I always tell my children and my employees to never be afraid to fail. Failures and mistakes are the feedback we need on our way to success. 

Trying never to make a mistake is a sure route to mediocrity. 

I’ve had some success in my life because I’ve also had a lot of failure. We’re only judged by our successes. That’s assuming you succeed. While perspective is very valuableinclude a footnoteYou can’t keep making the same mistakes. 

You have to make new mistakes. If you know that you won’t make the same mistake twice, it makes failing much easier,and you wont to avoid failure. This allows you to be more confident in your decisions and aggressive in your goals. 

There are two mistakes I see MSPs making over and over again

You’re charging too little

The first is pricing. Too many of you are still charging too little and there’s no reason for it. 

Whatever you think the reason is, trust me when I say this:It’s just you. 

It’s not the customers, the prospects, the marketplace, or the competition

I get to see pricing for nearly 150 MSPs. I’ve alsooperated several MSPs of my own. If you don’t correct this mistake, you greatly limit your success, no matter how smart you are and how hard you work. It doesn’t matter how great your team or technology is. You have tomake new mistakes. 

You’re not running a sales-focused organization

The second mistake is lack of sales focus. I see many annual plans with sales goals, but no quarterly actions focused on changing sales results. 

If adding new MRR doesn’t become a top priority, you can’t expect to change results. What’s my definition of priority? It’s simple: A priority means that you spend more time and attention on it than other things that might also be important. 

This year holds a lot of promise for MSPs, even more for TruMethods members. If you can begin to correct these two mistakes, amazing things will happen, and you’ll be able to make new mistakes.

MSP Sales Mistakes

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