How is Your MSP Starting 2021?

We are already over a month into 2021!  A new year seems to always bring fresh perspectives, and it feels like the easiest time to start new processes and opportunities. Have you taken the time to understand what exactly this looks like for you and your team?

For many TruMethods members, this time of year is a bit slower for them, so they take the opportunity to really dig through their documentation, standards, and internal alignments in our myITprocess software that sometimes get pushed by the wayside throughout the year.

For many other members, this is actually the busiest time of year for them. Their clients have just accepted a bunch of project work to close out the end of the previous year, and now it’s time to put the pedal to the metal.

Regardless of the time of year, there should always be a focus on Technology Success.  Now especially is a great time to plan out your Technology Alignment (TAM) and vCIO visits for the year, as scheduling discipline plays a large part in keeping the process consistent.

But what else is a best practice for YOU to focus on now?

  • Is it a big Standards Library revamp in myITprocess?
  • Is it industry research for strategic recommendations?
  • Is it looking back at your finished 2021 business plan to ensure that your processes and strategies are corresponding with the plan?
  • Do you want to put more focus on cyber security tactics to ensure the safety of your business and customers this year?
  • Are you going to join an industry peer group to learn how your peers are navigating the current situation?

The pandemic derailed a lot of business plans and strategies in 2020, so the new year provides an awesome opportunity to bring forth new ideas and take advantage of the crazy situation we are currently in!

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