Organizing Yourself for MSP Sales Success

When it comes to MSP sales, I love the things that I have control over. Preparation, organization and discipline are some of those things that we can not only control, but will lead to success in the sales process. If we don’t control the things we can, we are being a mediocre version of ourselves. Success and results will come from properly organizing yourself.

Organizing Yourself

We at TruMethods have loads of content on the sales process to help you achieve success, but sometimes you need to go back to basics. You need to organize yourself so you come into your home office or physical office with the right mindset and have your list set for that day. Time management is key! For example, don’t do your sales research during your ‘golden hours’ of making calls. Have your calls lined up, so that you can hit your daily activity goals. To help with this, try to find a balance between cold calls and follow-ups each day as well.

Gut Check

It might be time for a gut check. MSP salespeople should ask themselves questions like these:

  • Do you feel in control of the process?
  • Are you having fun?
  • Are you landing great appointments?

Your attitude, expectations, belief in yourself and the process, and determination all impact the questions listed above. As a salesperson, you need to assume 100% responsibility for your results, so you have to organize yourself in a way that you can come into the day feeling like the best version of yourself.

Covid-19 Impact

You may be thinking that going back to these basics and talking about organizing your day is not important in the grand scheme of things. Although the pandemic has made us adjust our sales process and tactics, organization has never been more important. MSPs have an awesome opportunity to help customers and prospects during the pandemic. It’s time for you to double down on discipline and plan out your day so that you can provide the most value you can. Pick up the phone and start making those calls because people will want to talk to you!

Setting activity goals, developing your sales playbook, coming into work prepared, and managing your time effectively, will change your MSP sales results. Trust me! Take a step back and make sure that you are organizing yourself effectively to bring positive outcomes.

MSP Sales Mistakes

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