Refresh Your MSP Marketing in 2023

Managed services providers (MSPs) that want to grow their business in 2023 face significant challenges when differentiating themselves in the current market. Many prospective customers already have some IT support in place and likely don’t see a pressing need to switch providers or augment their internal resources (whether this perception is accurate is another story). Not to mention, MSPs are constantly competing for the attention of busy decision makers bombarded by various news and information sources, business related and otherwise.

If your marketing or lead generation efforts aren’t paying off, it’s easy to blame a salesperson or a marketing vendor. In some cases, they may be contributing to the problem. But it’s also possible that it could be time to evolve some of your practices.

The Big Switch

The fundamental change that MSPs must address is that buyers today tend not to be first-time shoppers, but MSP switchers. They aren’t deciding whether they need IT services; they more likely need to figure out whether their current provider is sufficiently addressing their evolving business needs, and if not, who can?

The Awareness-Consideration-Decision buyer’s journey has changed for these customers. First, they face spiraling costs and lagging productivity and need guidance to help determine if their technology, processes, people, or all three need to change. Then they must decide which MSP will provide the necessary value to accomplish their goals.

Barracuda MSP recently hosted a webinar with Derek Marin, founder of Simple Selling, focusing on this MSP switchers buyer’s journey. He noted that there are several common reasons why clients want to switch their MSPs, including:

  • Poor responsiveness and execution
  • Service offerings that aren’t tailored to their needs
  • Lack of specific technical skills
  • They don’t trust the MSP to deliver on their promises
  • Lack of vision and strategy
  • They feel they are not getting enough value from their investment

Most of these reasons have nothing to do with product portfolios or technology. Therefore, well-written white papers, sales brochures, or blog posts won’t draw these customers in.

Timely Tips to Reach Prospective ‘MSP Switchers’

First, make sure your marketing messaging is aligned with actual customer needs. The challenges they face have evolved over time and are more complex – they are worried about security, compliance, productivity, incompatible software, inaccurate data flowing across disparate applications, cloud migration, and more.

Second, understand that landing a new customer will take many interactions. This is a journey that will involve multiple assets and touchpoints.

Third, insource your marketing content. Most of your content should be squarely focused on meeting real customer needs, which will mean reconfiguring how your subject matter experts and content creators interact. For example, your potential customers want to hear about things they are worried about, and your subject matter experts likely have a lot of good stories about solving those problems. 

Customer quarterly business reviews (QBRs) are a good source of this information – give your content creators access to the stories shared during those so they can translate them into narratives that appeal to prospective customers.

And having a content marketing manager on staff is critical for this process. Make sure you have buy-in from the services team on how this approach to content creation will work, and get marketing directly involved in QBRs in some way.

Leverage social media selectively. Most companies are not very good at social media and trying to improve performance across every platform is a mistake. Instead, start with one platform – LinkedIn is an excellent first option since it was designed for B2B interactions. Once you have some mastery there, shift your attention to the others.

You also don’t have to abandon traditional marketing approaches. For example, technology tips, telemarketing, and pay-per-click services can still bring in decent leads. As long as you’re keeping an eye on the cost-benefit ratio of your marketing activities, you should experiment with your mix until you have a grasp on what is performing best.

To grow in 2023, MSPs need to realign their marketing with what potential clients are looking for. That means moving away from educating them about the need for an MSP or the benefits of a specific technology. Instead, MSPs should be selling services based on how they can address real business challenges and help prospective clients navigate an increasingly complex IT and cybersecurity environment. This approach will generate higher-quality leads and conversions in the new year.

As Director of MSP Marketing, Americas, at Barracuda, Lindsay Faria is dedicated to empowering Barracuda MSP partners to grow their businesses by providing tools and information to make marketing and selling their data protection services as effective, fast and easy as possible.

5 Things to Consider to Start 2023 Off Strong

We are a few weeks into 2023. Here are a few action items to complete to ensure this year is filled with positivity and growth.


Have a direct conversation with the prospects in your pipeline. Ask them if they’re going to buy. “Hey, we’ve been talking for a few months. Are you planning to move forward as we start 2023?” Also, review all the prospects that didn’t buy from you last year. Touch base with them, and you’ll find at least one opportunity.

Service delivery

Be sure to schedule any projects you can complete at the beginning of the year or before the end of Q1.


Make your employees a priority. If you planned on doing year-end reviews and still need to complete them, set aside time to do them in Q1. Communication with employees is vital to success in the new year.


Look at your 2022 plan and see how you did against your annual initiatives and goals. At this point, you should already have your 2023 business plan completed or close to completion. Don’t wait to start in February or March.

Time blocking

Now is a great time to use a time-blocking technique for your business and personal commitments. Look at your to-do list — both business and professional — and the remaining days, and block your time accordingly.

Let’s go people! Let’s start 2023 off strong.

Taking Stock: Control What You Can Control

Now is an excellent time of the year to do what I call “taking stock.”

Taking stock means assessing your career, life, health, relationships, financial state, and overall mindset.

Here’s the thing: Life is like a wheel, and that wheel has spokes, many of which you’re familiar with, including physical, emotional, financial, career, family, and spiritual. When a spoke breaks, the wheel starts to wobble. If two spokes break, the ride gets rough. And if another spoke weakens, we tend to ride into a ditch.

We’ve all been in that place where things pile up and affect each other. If you stay in the ditch, that’s called depression. Many things in life that are out of our control impact our wheel. My mom used to say, “No one gets through this life unscathed.”

When taking stock, look closely at the things you can control. For example, my career has been a consistently solid spoke in my wheel, which I’ve protected from other spokes that inevitably failed from time to time.

This time of the year, I like to think about what I can do to strengthen my wheel — and you should do the same. Of course, be realistic.

Like a business plan, you can only change a few things at a time, so I’d recommend picking one or two. Focus on something outside your career that could make a big difference and keep your wheel from veering you off the road.

Taking stock can make all the difference in the new year, so ask yourself, “What can I do in 2023 to stay on track successfully?”

7 Must-Read Blog Posts to Empower Your Business Mind in 2023

It’s true — you’re in the technology business, but what business isn’t a technology company these days? The only way to grow and generate more monthly recurring revenue (MRR) at the right price in the new year isn’t by focusing solely on technology; it’s by understanding how you can be a better business owner for your customers and also your employees.

If I had to guess, you started as a technician, not a business owner. With no business experience, you’ve had to learn a lot. But what matters is you stay curious about what it takes to be the best business owner you can be.

Here are seven must-read blog posts to empower your business mind in 2023.

Does Mindset Really Matter?
Sometimes, we think nothing can be done. It’s even harder to believe that just changing your mindset could be the catalyst for change. However, it’s true.

Are You Prioritizing Mental Health?
We usually — and unfortunately — overlook mental health when running our businesses. Instead of caring for ourselves and our employees’ mental well-being, we tend to focus more on day-to-day operations and generating new revenue streams. While this is the norm, it’s not sustainable in the long run.

If Nothing Changes, What Will Change?
My dad said, “If nothing changes, then what will change?” Too often in business and life, we fool ourselves by thinking that our results will change if our intentions change.

Employee Burnout: What You Should Know
There’s been a lot of talk about employee burnout recently. With the labor shortage not improving, employers are demanding more from their employees, negatively impacting employee morale and productivity. Identifying employee burnout and preventing it from happening in the first place can make all the difference.

5 Things to Consider When Creating Your Business Plan
Do you have a business plan? If so, do you have one that’s making you do something differently? If not, success will be out of reach. An effective business plan is actionable. It provides you with steps to achieving your goals. It also provides a way for you to achieve not only your personal financial goals but also your company’s financial goals. There are several things to consider when building your business plan.

MSPs, Here’s Your Reality Check
Please think back to before the pandemic began in March 2020. How have your customers’ needs changed? What are you doing for them today that you weren’t doing then? What tools have you added to your stack? What security process and governance have you added?

Is Time Your Friend?
I’ve mentioned this before, but I like to archive all the notes from my audio messages. I’ve been doing this since I started recording weekly audio messages for TruMethods members in 2009. At the beginning of this year, I decided to time travel.

Three Awesome Q&As With TruMethods’ Members From 2022

Whether on the road or in my office, I make it a point to speak with as many managed service providers (MSPs) as possible. By doing this, I get a better grasp of what they’re struggling with, what TruMethods and its peer groups can do better to assist them with overcoming those challenges and how the industry can adapt to changing times.

Sometimes, we at TruMethods even interview our members for the TruMethods blog. Many of the interviews have received overwhelmingly positive responses from our members.

Here are the top three TruMethods member Q&As you may have missed in 2022.

TruMethods Member Q&A: Peer groups help MSPs “work smarter, not harder”

MSPs are usually hesitant about joining peer groups. They question the value, the time commitment and the time requirements. We are at a pivotal time in the MSP industry. Things are changing fast, and business leaders need more knowledge and perspective. Now is a great time to consider joining an industry peer group. In this interview, Adam M. Casgar, president of Coastal Computer Consulting, LLC, a Brunswick, Georgia-based MSP, shared why MSPs should join peer groups if they want to work smarter, not harder, and why peers are the furthest thing from multilevel marketing (MLM).

TruMethods Member Q&A: “TruPeer means opportunity and growth”

While TruPeer may mean something different to each one of its members, those who get the most out of TruMethods’ most popular peer group find they’re strategically aligned with TruPeer. During this conversation, Ed Lukacs, CEO of 2Fifteen Tech, a Salt Lake City-based MSP, revealed how his business has benefitted from TruPeer, how it is different than other peer groups in the industry and what he’s learned from fellow TruPeer members.

TruMethods Member Q&A: Why TruPeer is like a gym membership

“What you put into life is what you get out of it.” — The same can be said about gym memberships, music lessons and TruPeer. In this interview, Roger Michelson, CEO of BNMC, a Woburn, MA-based MSP and TruMethods member, explained how TruMethods and its TruPeer program have helped him overcome business challenges, what MSPs should know about Smart Numbers and the importance of proper business planning.

Turn myITprocess Recommendations Into Autotask Opportunities

Elevate your service desk and effortlessly track strategic projects

Congratulations! Your client has accepted a project you recommended based on out-of-aligned areas you found in their business. Now, your responsibility is to deliver this service smoothly and efficiently. By automatically creating Autotask Opportunities from client-accepted projects in myITprocess, every project can be seamlessly managed and executed within Autotask, with no manual work required.

Gain complete visibility into strategic projects in your PSA tool

myITprocess helps you identify technology risks in your client’s environment. You can then easily add these risks to a roadmap while ensuring they align with client-approved budgets and timelines. Once a customer accepts your project, you can automatically turn it into an Autotask Opportunity on the same screen without jumping into your PSA tool.

With this feature, you can automatically turn client-accepted myITprocess recommendations into Autotask Opportunities, so you can clearly see their progress and ensure the lifecycle of any project is seamlessly handled and consistently executed in time, every time.

Everyone on the team, including service desk technicians, can have a comprehensive overview of your client’s IT environment and risk status by bringing myITprocess recommendations next to the rest of your Autotask Opportunities. This feature makes the entire experience, from client approval to project implementation, effortless, making you more efficient in providing your clients with the best service.

From planning to action in one click

With myITprocess, you can automatically start working on identified technology risks with 1-Click Ticket Creation available for Autotask, BMS and ConnectWise. As you complete a technology alignment review, quickly loop in technicians and enable them to take action immediately.

With this feature, you can reduce ticket volume and avoid escalations by proactively creating tickets from out-of-alignment issues as you review your client’s IT environment.

Visit our Knowledge Base for more details and step-by-step instructions on how to set up Autotask integration.

Top 6 TruMethods Sales Blogs Posted in 2022

By now, you’re wrapping up another year of selling. So, how did you do? Be honest with yourself.

Did you generate new monthly recurring revenue (MRR) at the right price every month? Did you hit your quarterly sales goals? Did you diversify your customer base? How does your sales pipeline look for 2023?

Now, even if you surpassed your expectations for this year, there’s always room for improvement. Before heading into 2023, take this month to review how you can amp up your sales efforts.

To help, here are six sales blog posts you may have missed in 2022.

No More “Goose Eggs”

One of our mottos in TruPeer is “no goose eggs.” We use the term “goose egg” to refer to a company that goes an entire quarter without adding new monthly recurring revenue sales. In other words, no new customers at the right price. There is no reason for any MSP that works with TruMethods to ever have a goose egg.

Are You Sure You’re Ready to Hire an MSP Salesperson?

Our target markets have improved in every way. The sweet spots for the number of users in our target customers are rising. (Even our seat prices are increasing!). More targets willing to pay more for our services is an excellent market to be in — but how do we capitalize on this?

Are All Your Eggs in One MSP Basket?

Putting all your eggs in one basket is never a good strategy. It’s always best to diversify most aspects of your business, especially your customer base. Most of us have been there before. We score a big customer and tout it as a big win, which is a significant milestone for your business. Landing a whale can completely change your business, although not always for the better.

Struggling With MSP Sales? It May Be Time to Reevaluate Your Go-to-Market Strategy

Most MSPs struggle with sales, specifically the ability to add new monthly recurring revenue at the right price. The root cause of MSP sales struggles is a weak go-to-market strategy. Our business model is, as you know, very forgiving. It forgives many sins because we sell recurring revenue, and the average lifetime value of our customers is high. However, as our industry matures, your go-to-market motion must also mature.

Cybersecurity Sales: Which MSP Are You?

MSPs are making cybersecurity sales harder than it needs to be. In fact, I hesitate to use the word “sales” because that is the center of the problem – customers feel like you’re trying to sell to them. You shouldn’t be selling customer security enhancements or projects. Instead, you should be taking your customers and prospects on their security journey. You need to develop a repeatable way of explaining the risks and opportunities that your customers will face.

Generating MSP Leads: Building Your Presence in Your Community

Marketing is still one of the top challenges managed services providers (MSPs) face today. When you’re a one-person shop, marketing sometimes falls by the wayside since there are typically urgent matters to tackle. However, if you don’t have a presence in your community, someone eventually will.

6 Cybersecurity Blogs You May Have Missed in 2022

Cybersecurity remains top-of-mind for many managed services providers (MSPs). According to a Kaseya survey, 50% of MSPs said their business is at greater risk of cybercrime than one year ago — an 11% increase from 2021’s data. However, cybersecurity is also a revenue driver for those same MSPs, and ignoring the opportunity to grow monthly recurring revenue (MRR) at the right price could prove disastrous.

While nobody can predict what the future has in store for the cybersecurity space, there are some trends to look out for in the new year, including the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI), the expansion of attack surfaces and the growing need for cybersecurity services. Before tackling the issues of 2023, close out your year by reviewing the top cybersecurity concerns of 2022.

Here are six cybersecurity blogs you may have missed in 2022.

Mapping Your APIs Could Reduce Your Attack Surface
MSPs today have many more tools and technology than ever before. Most of these tools provide integrations to other tools, which are, of course, done through APIs. While integration can improve efficiency and make a technician’s job easier, it can also create additional security risks.

We’re Still Talking About Patching?
After 20 years, we’re still talking about patching. How is that possible? On The CyberCall, a weekly MSP cybersecurity podcast, we discussed common threats and breaches. An Incident Response (IR) expert said that the majority of breaches can be traced back to something being unpatched.

Russia Invades Ukraine: What’s the Impact on MSPs?
You’ve probably heard about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by now. This war is being fought on multiple fronts, one of which is cyber. Russian hackers are launching an all-out assault on key Ukrainian government, banking and infrastructure targets. Experts expect these attacks to escalate in Europe and the U.S. as well.

Cybersecurity Sales: Which MSP Are You?
MSPs are making cybersecurity sales harder than they need to be. You shouldn’t be selling customer security enhancements or projects. Instead, you should be taking your customers and prospects along on their security journey. You need to develop a repeatable way of explaining the risks and opportunities that your customers will face.

Cleaning House: Cybersecurity Hygiene for MSPs
Cybersecurity hygiene best practices require MSPs to not just implement technologies but also sustainable processes that can be relied on over time. Today, installing a piece of software and considering the job done will simply not suffice. After all, you can’t clean your house once and expect it to remain tidy and sanitary indefinitely, right? The same goes for cybersecurity — consider this a healthy living approach to security.

Protect Your Clients From Business Email Compromise Attacks
Business email compromise (BEC) attacks are some of the costliest cybercrimes companies face today. BEC attacks involve criminals impersonating a legitimate email account and using it to send messages that appear to come from a known source. Stopping these types of attacks requires a high level of visibility into email traffic and the ability to respond rapidly to suspicious activity.

Return of the Schnizz! Sarah Robb O’Hagan to Headline TruMethods 2023 Schnizzfest

Miami, FL – December 5, 2023Kaseya, the leading global provider of unified IT management and security software for managed service providers (MSPs), small to mid-size businesses (SMBs) and mid-market enterprises (MMEs), today announced the return of the much anticipated TruMethods 2023 Schnizzfest. The event, which returns after the pandemic hiatus, will be held January 23-25, 2023, at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix in downtown Phoenix, AZ with 500 of the industry’s top MSPs and cloud providers in attendance.

Schnizzfest delivers an exciting mixture of content tracks, panels, member-to-member networking and thought leadership covering a variety of topics, including business success principles, building your technology success practice, service delivery and sales. This valuable information will be shared through three tracks: sales and marketing, business leaders, and technology success.

“We’re looking forward to bringing everyone together again under one roof to talk about best practices and enjoy a good time,” said Gary Pica, founder of TruMethods, a Kaseya company. “We have a great lineup planned to ensure our members have a successful 2023 and beyond.”

Renowned business leader and CEO of EXOS, the Performance Coaching Company, Sarah Robb O’Hagan, will headline the event. O’Hagan will talk about getting ready for the moments that matter most in work and daily life, and how to achieve your highest potential. The founder and author of Extreme You: Step Up, Stand Out, Kick Ass, Repeat, O’Hagan has advised clients ranging from NFL players and Olympians to corporate executives, military personnel and everyday people. She has an extensive track record as the former president of Equinox, former global president of Gatorade and former marketing director at Nike and the Virgin Group.

The legendary Gary Pica, TruMethods’ founder, and Dan Tomaszewski, Kaseya’s executive vice president of the channel, will also provide a roadmap of upcoming programs and features, and recap last year’s accomplishments. Attendees can also look forward to Gary’s traditional “transformative concept” that TruPeer members should focus on in the comping year to guarantee their success.

This is the 11th year TruMethods hosts Schnizzfest, which Pica launched to bring MSPs together to guide them on how to demonstrate their true value to potential customers. He founded TruMethods in 2008 to create a community of IT providers that can grow and learn from each other through the TruMethods software and training. To date, hundreds of members have adopted the combination of FormulaWon and myITprocess to build world-class MSPs across the world.

Register for Schnizzfest today by clicking here!

Schnizzfest would not be possible without the generous partners dedicated to helping MSPs succeed. A special thank you to Diamond Sponsor ThreatLocker

No More “Goose Eggs”!

One of our mottos in TruPeer is “no goose eggs.” We use the term “goose egg” to refer to a company that goes an entire quarter without adding new monthly recurring revenue sales. In other words, no new customers at the right price.

Through the years, we’ve tried many ways to motivate our Peer members to avoid the dreaded goose egg. One of my ideas a few years ago was that anyone with a goose egg would get tasered at the next Peer meeting. As you may have guessed, legal shot that one down. At our most recent meeting in October, we came up with a stroke of genius. If you get a goose egg in a quarter, you must get a goose egg tattoo. Awesome, right? Then I thought, wait, even better, what if everyone in your company, the entire company, had to get a goose egg tattoo? Boom! No more goose eggs ever!

Listen, we have fun with this, but there’s some real truth here. And it’s this: There is no reason for any MSP that works with TruMethods to ever have a goose egg. If you go for three months or more with no new customers (a good customer that pays your price), you must take a step back.

You must be self-aware! Growing your company is not as much of a priority as you may be telling yourself, or you just don’t know what to do or are unwilling to do it to get results. All of this is fixable.

The issue may be a level of accountability to get yourself moving in the right direction. If you spend time every week on a few basic actions for two or three months, it would be impossible to ever have a goose egg again.

Stay tuned for my next blog post to learn more about what you can do to avoid goose eggs.