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A Conversation with Jeremie J. Mailloux, vCIO at itWORKS! Inc.

If you’re a TruMethods member, you’re probably aware of our company’s obsession with standards, predictable results and process. Fortunately, our mindset has rubbed off on many of our members. It’s what’s helping them with generating more MRR, building strategic relationships and delivering consistent service offerings to their clients.

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| Author Gary Pica Jr., tagged in member interview

Why Improving Incident Response Times is the Key to Preventing Loss

We’ve all heard the phrase “time is money,” but when it comes to security incident responses, lost time isn’t just lost revenue — it can also mean a loss of new business, loss of existing customers, loss of critical data, and a loss of brand reputation. In fact, the inability to respond to email and other cyberattacks is resulting in billions of dollars of losses each year for affected businesses.

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| Author Chris Crellin of Barracuda MSP, tagged in cybersecurity risk management, IT security, email security

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